Avoiding System Reboots: coinstaller


Can anyone let me know if this is the only solution to avoid reboot the system for any flavour on windows.

Avoiding System Reboots During Device Installations:

* Assign a new file name to each new version of a class installer or
co-installer, or a service DLL. This avoids the necessity of a system restart if
an older version is in use. (In fact, if a new file name is not used for an
updated class installer or class co-installer, these new files will not be used
for the installation.)

Is it applicable for all the windows version which I have mentioned below.

  1. windows 2003 x86
  2. windows 2003 x64
  3. windows 2008 x86 (longhorn)
  4. windows 2008 x64 (longhorn)

I want to close this bug ASAP. Any information is highly appreciated.