Any way to get OSR FSD Seminar's materials?

Its hard for me to attend a seminar as I live outside of US/Canada. Is it possible to have a Open School? Or the materials online? Text/Audio/Video. May be it can not be alternative- still I get an Idea. I have just received first issue of NT Insider. I think I am missing something. Good+feasible or bad proposal??


Paid attendance at our Developing File Systems for Windows seminar will gain you access to the copyrighted materials provided as part of the presentation. They are not currently provided by OSR in any other form.



We’ve done several online seminars (for our OEM clients) in the past – both prerecorded and live – with decidedly mixed results. We actually have a fully equipped video studio here at OSR and arrangements with a distributed network content provider. Because we’re not totally happy with the outcome of these on-line seminars (even when our students were) we haven’t offered more training in this format.

HOWEVER, if you think you might be interested in a multi-day, live, ONLINE driver or file systems seminar by OSR send Dan ( an email. If we have enough interest, maybe we’ll try it again.

Please DO NOT reply to this thread. If you have questions, comments, or potential interest, send email to Dan.