Antw.: Debug msg in Infs

Stefan xxxxx@HYPERCOPE
28.04.2000 08:04

Hi Pramod.

AFAIK there is no possibility generating debug logs from your INF.
There are two things you can do:

  1. You can set special debug flags for the SETUPAPI
    (see the DDK: 8.1.1 Setting SetupAPI Logging Levels)
    It generates Debug Messages and is very helpful for understanding what
    happens during installation. (But in most cases it answered not the
    questions you have)

  2. before trying out your INF, check it with the Perl Script CHKINF (It is
    also in the DDK)

Hope it helps

I have a doubt which is kind-of related to NT device driver development.
I am writing an INF for my WDM driver. The INF is gonna be a dual OS INF for
Win98 and Win2K. =

Is there a mechanism for generating a debug log(msgs) from my INF file??
I want to do something parallel to the debugprintf that we put in our driver
code. So, as to enable me to
do a post mortem analysis if something bombs.

Thx in advance,

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