Announcing the WDK NuGet: A New Way to Develop Drivers on WIndows

We are excited to introduce the WDK NuGet, a new offering that enables developers to build drivers for Windows.

The WDK is the essential tool for developing, testing and deploying drivers on the Windows platform. It provides the headers, libraries, tools and metadata that you need to create drivers for Windows devices.

Previously, the WDK was available as an MSI installer or an ISO file. In addition to these offerings, we now have the WDK NuGet package which contains DLLs, libraries, headers, tools and metadata for driver development. You can easily consume the WDK NuGet package by adding it to your project and then calling a package functionality in your project code.

The WDK NuGet offer the following advantages over the traditional WDK offerings:

  • It is smaller in size, which reduces the download and setup time.
  • It is portable across different machines and environments.
  • It can be integrated with large CI/CD pipelines and source control systems.
  • It better support an agile WDK release model, it can be easily updated with latest WDK features and fixes.

The WDK NuGet is now publicly available on, where you can find all release and pre-release versions.

To get started with the WDK NuGet, you need to have Visual Studio 2022 or later installed on your machine. You can then follow the steps in this Microsoft documentation to install the WDK NuGet package and create your first driver project.

We are also working on improving the developer experience while developing their driver projects from Visual Studio.

We hope you enjoy the WDK NuGet and find it useful for your driver development needs. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how to make it better.

Hi Paul,

So, I tried to update my VS 2022 WDK install (I had an older WDK revision installed) using NuGet a couple of weeks ago. It resulted in a completely non-working WDK to the point where I had to remove the WDK and SDK and reinstall them (well, I installed the newest version this time).

Is there some sort of limitation on how/when you do the NuGet install? Or was I just unlucky.

To use the NuGet package, you only need the latest WDK VSIX component from the VS marketplace. You do not need to have WDK installed. However, if you had an existing WDK installation, the NuGet package shouldn't interfere with it. If you are able to reproduce this failure, please share.