ambiguity in miniportqueryinformation , any insifgts/answers ??

I am in the process of building an NDIS miniport driver for a NE2000 compliant PCI lancard on Windows 2000 professional OS using DDK 2000.
I am modifying the ne2000 driver code that is bundled along with Windows 2000 DDK , which , I beleive is targetted at the legacy NE2000 EISA lan card.
For quite some time, i have been able to wade trough the sequence of routines. But, now, I am at a stage after my interrupt is
initialised at 9 and I/O ranges CC00 - CC1F.
I am just not able to make sense of miniportqueryinformation routine and what is exactly been required to be done in this
context. The debugview program logs NDIS_STATUS_INVALID_OID thrice after OID_GEN_VENDOR_DESCRIPTION. This is
followed by traces in miniportsetinfo routine. Following the trace to miniportsetinfo routine is a message GetDefaultGWList.
Such a sequence is seen logged again with multiple OID_GEN_LINK_SPEED. The last logs are from card reset routines in
card.c, which reset the network chip (that is what these routines seem to do)
My first guess that i may be getting NDIS_STATUS_INVALID_OIDs must be because I ahve not trapped all cases of OIDs. But
even after updating the list of miniport supported OIDs and trapping all cases of OIDs pertaining to NDIS miniport driver in
the miniportqueryinformation , the situation remains the same.
Now, my first query is : where from can I know just what is exactly going on after my interrupt is registered? DDK
documentation mentions that the higher level drivers set the OIDs in NDIS_REQUEST type structure. But what is exactly the
intent of the miniportqueryinformation routine ???
Anything anywhere that i may be missing ???
It would be really grateful if anyone out there could provide any pointers to answers that would be .

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