afd.sys and tcpip.sys causing BSOD

Hi, guys !

I’ve encountered the following problem, and I hope someone could help me
in solving it…

I’m doing some extensive winsock operations on my windows 2000 server
machine. This includes quite a lot of wininet operations also. After a few
of run, I get a BSOD, with error code 0x00000041 (a must-succeed allocation
from non-paged pool has failed). The parameters are:

I took a look in MS KB, and found that there is a known bug, and that
the afd.sys, tcpip.sys and some other files should be replaced. However,
files are not downloadable, and I couldn’t figure out where and how to
get them.

BTW: The KB says that the same problem occurs on WinNT.

My questions:

  1. Has anybody encountered a similar problem?
  2. How was it solved?
  3. Are there any workarounds?
  4. Are there winsock/wininet functions that I should avoid?
  5. Is there a kind of “garbage collector” that can fix the leaks in runtime?
  6. Does anybody have / knows the way to get the fixed file?

Here’s a link to the KB:

thanks in advance,

  • Barak

Barak Mandelovich
Mercury Interactive ltd.

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