About Windows 95/98/2000 Serial Communication Drivers

Hello All,

I had written some queries to Microsoft about comparision between Windows
95/98/2000 Serial Device Drivers.
About me :
I am a developer of Filter Drivers for Serial Communications Device
applications on Windows 2000 platform. I am using VC++ IDE and Device Driver
Development tools. I have a prototype of a similar application for taking
guidance but the prototype is based on Windows 95/98 platforms. I have to
design and develop a working Driver on the same lines for Windows 2000.
Queries :
I have some queries on VCOMM in the Windows 95/98 platforms :

  1. Could you give me Internet locations/URL’s where I can find the
    relevant material on VCOMM of Windows 95/98.

  2. If VCOMM is not available on win 2000, how to provide similar
    functionality on Windows 2000?

  3. When data is sent/received to/from VCOMM using “VCOMM_WriteComm”
    and “VCOMM_ReadComm” on Windows 95/98 platform, does serial.vxd handle that
    data ? If “Yes”, does “serial.vxd” provide a duplex path for the data OR is
    the data handled asynchronously by “serial.vxd”?

  4. Does “serial.sys” of windows 2000 equal “serial.vxd” of windows
    95/98 in functionality ? Specifically, when data is sent/received to/from
    “serial.sys” , do we have to worry of “duplex” quality of the data
    transmission ?

  5. How to attach an application’s V.42 compliant data to the similar
    data of other applications running in the multi-tasking environment of
    windows 2000 , for transmission/reception to/from a single modem ?

  6. How to minimize latency in Windows 2000 for voice transmission
    applications which need modem for transmission ?

As I am working against a deadline, I would very much appreciate a prompt
Shailender K.