61883 and sbp2 driver


Problem Description:
I am writing two C++ user mode applications using Visual C++. This
application should use FCP (Function Control Protocol IEC 61883-1 General)
of 61883 for request and response queries. The application should use SBP2
to transmit bulk data.
As i found from message groups and microsoft website, there is no user mode
API available for the applications to use them to interact with 61883.sys
and sbp2port.sys.
The application will send and receive data using the 1394 layer. Two Windows
XP machines with 1394a cards and 6 pin to 6 pin connection.
As there is a 1394 api layer to communicate from the usermode, i would like
to know how to get my application talk to FCP driver and SBP2Port driver
from user mode.

My solution to this problem:
By tying the 61883.h to 1394 API
When i tried to bind 61883.h with the 1394 API, windows xp crashed.
I didnt find any links to use sbp2port.sys and i didnt find any particular
header file to see the various command sets for use.
Only thing that worked for me is using windows sockets to communicate over
1394, but i dont want to use TCP/IP. I want to use 61883 and sbp2port on
1394 from a user mode application.

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