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OT -- New version of Windows Internals book and / or Pavel's book

Prokash_SinhaProkash_Sinha Member - All Emails Posts: 230

Could someone please give some insight about --

1) If the version 7 of windows internals books have new changes worth finding ? I've the v 6
2) Any of the fairly new books by Pavel's do have more informations ?


  • ava123ava123 Member Posts: 1

    Is there a new version of the Windows Internals book or any recent releases by Pavel that I should be aware of? Seeking recommendations and insights from those in the know.

  • nycemnycem Member Posts: 9

    The latest version is from 2017 (Windows 10). Which component changes in modern Windows 11 are you interested in?

  • nycemnycem Member Posts: 9
    edited January 26

    Read carefully. I am not the author of the original question, I am asking what changes the author is interested in learning about. I myself would love to tell about the changes in the Windows 11 kernel -- they are not documented in the Windows Internals book (as are many of the new features in Windows 10).

    [Mods: Read even more carefully :-) That content was almost certainty posted by a bot… the account for which has been banned.]

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