ZwQuerySystemInformation crash

i’ve heard of something from 10’s to a few 100 bytes (esp on platforms
like IA64). There is another side affect from using SEH…the optimizer
is severely limited in what it can do inside the __try block. the
optimizer can’t know which instruction/call will throw an exception, so
it basically gives up. If that is an acceptable trade off so be it, but
that is usually a big show stopper for most folks.


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Mark Roddy wrote:

SEH has massive stack overhead, even in the limited case of
try/leave/finally with no exception handler. It was the stack

I’m curious. How much is “massive”? i.e. if I add a __try … __finally
the outside of a function, by how many bytes does it’s stack usage go
Sure, I could measure it myself, but you must have already done that.

On a separate point, the replacement of __try … __finally with macro
calls that look the same but have different semantics makes me nervous.

(What do I mean by different semantics? Consider what happens if a
maintainer inserts a return into the TRY … FINALLY block).

If you always maintain your stuff, it probably isn’t a problem but we
can all recall cases where later maintainers just thought they knew
what macros did without looking at the definitions because “it was
from the name”. I would fear that TRY and FINALLY are an accident
waiting to
happen (unless, as I said, you do your own maintenance).


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