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WSL drvfs has references to file system preventing unmount

suprasamsuprasam Member Posts: 4

As you may already know WSL drvfs now supports other IFS file system driver automatically when it was just ntfs,refs only.
Without bash or drvfs coming into the picture Crossmeta file system driver can be cleanly unloaded. Now after drvfs access, the handles are still referenced and unable to unmount.
I am trying to get feedback from other file system developers whether they can unload their driver fine with WSL.



  • Scott_Noone_(OSR)Scott_Noone_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 3,142

    Haven't tried this so not sure. Only thing I can think to ask is does the file system driver properly call FsRtlNotifyVolumeEvent to hint the dismount?


  • suprasamsuprasam Member Posts: 4

    Hello Scott,
    It is not doing right now but without WSL in the picture unmount is fine. I will try with FsRtlNotifyVolumeEvent as that looks like promising.


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