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Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) hangs on WFP Validation when trying to WFPLogo

Eva_BrigidEva_Brigid Member Posts: 12
Why is WFPLogo.exe hanging for the Validate WFP test?

I setup HLK 10 on Windows Server 2016 for controller and test server. I scheduled tasks for my WFP driver and the first two suites completed successfully. However, the WindowsFilteringPlatform_tests hands on Validated WFPUsage and it seems to be running:

WFPLogo.Exe -t "\ArchitecturalDesign\Validate.WFPUsage" -l

When I run this locally, the tool opens a file with a series of questions for me to fill out and save. I don't quite know how to configure my HLK studio project so it already has the information so they system doesn't halt.

From the documentation ( it seems that I should populate WFPLogo.Answer or WFPLogo.Info to avoid this problem. It is unclear to me how to get these to the test system as they are copied when the binaries are copied.

Am I supposed to alter the sql playlist or the default set of files installed by HLK on my controller?

This seems wrong, I'd expect to configure this in the project but I see no UI for this scenario and the document isn't as full on this topic I'd hope.

Am I missing a step on the HLK setup and project configuration?




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