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Some Question about DirectShow

OSR_Community_UserOSR_Community_User Member Posts: 110,217
Dear All,
I encounter a serious problem in DirectShow while capturing video data by
AMCAP application in DirectShow SDK and I am appreciated if you can give me
a hand on this problem. The problem is when I start to capture video data by
AMCAP, the system somehow passed a message WM_FGNOTIFY with event
EC_ERRORABORT while the disk still has enough disk space. This problem only
occurs when use Quantum hard disk. Do you have any clue about when the
system will send this kind of message to the AP ?? Attached is some AMCAP
source code for the message handler, AMCAP treats this message as disk
possibly full.
Thanks in advance,
Alfred Lee

// uh-oh, something went wrong while capturing - the filtergraph
// will send us events like EC_COMPLETE, EC_USERABORT and the one
// we care about, EC_ERRORABORT.
if (gcap.pME && gcap.fCapturing)
LONG event, l1, l2;
while (hr = gcap.pME->GetEvent(&event, &l1, &l2, 0) == S_OK)
if (event == EC_ERRORABORT)
// pME will go away in BuildPreviewGraph
gcap.pME->FreeEventParams(event, l1, l2);
ErrMsg("ERROR during capture - disk possibly full");
gcap.pME->FreeEventParams(event, l1, l2);
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