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RE: Device Interrupt priority - Strict IRQL in HALACPI

Jake_OshinsJake_Oshins Member Posts: 1,058
I knew that I had to write three versions of the ACPI HAL, one for the
PIC, one for the UP-APIC case and one for the MP-APIC case. At that
time (it was early 1997) Intel was promising us that by the time NT 5
(as it was known then) shipped, there would be no new machines shipping
without full APIC support.

Thus it seemed that HALACPI was almost a throwaway. It would support a
few laptops and not much else. And laptops are performance constrained
by their I/O subsystems, not by their processors or their interrupt

The timer code and the interrupt controller code in the HAL are pretty
tightly integrated. When I wrote HALACPI, I had to re-write the timer
code so that it would tolerate the processor changing its frequency on
the fly. Given that we thought that HALACPI would only run on a few
laptops, with even the next generation of laptops moving to APIC, I just
took the simplest 8259 PIC code that existed at the time for a starting
point, which was the Strict IRQL code from the old Microchannel HAL.

When Windows XP came around, Intel was again promising us that every
machine would be APIC-based in the very near future, which made
re-writing HALACPI seem like a waste of time.

Today, it's mostly true that all first-tier desktop and server machines
support the APIC. There are still no laptops that support APIC.

Jake Oshins
Windows Kernel Group

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Subject: RE: Device Interrupt priority - Reviewing Jose Flores
From: "Maxim S. Shatskih" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 16:46:10 +0300
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>does many fewer writes to the interrupt controller. At present, we
>do Lazy IRQL in hal.dll, which is the default single-processor
>HAL. All the other HALs use Strict IRQL.

Sorry, but why Lazy IRQL was not used on UP ACPI HAL (HALACPI)?

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