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Completion Routine & Worker Thread Issue

0mWindyBug0mWindyBug Member Posts: 29
edited February 12 in NTDEV

Hey , I'm working on a filter driver that does some processing in a completion routine and in some common conditions needs to append a new item to a linked list protected with a Mutex
due to IRQL constraints I cant run the append part from the completion routine so I tried to queue a work item , something like this :
`NTSTATUS FilterReadCompletion(PDEVICE_OBJECT DeviceObject, PIRP Irp, PVOID Context)

auto status = Irp->IoStatus.Status;
if (Irp->PendingReturned)
if (Irp->IoStatus.Status == STATUS_SUCCESS)
    PKEYBOARD_INPUT_DATA InputData = (PKEYBOARD_INPUT_DATA)Irp->AssociatedIrp.SystemBuffer;
    int NumberOfKeysRead = Irp->IoStatus.Information / sizeof(KEYBOARD_INPUT_DATA);
    PWORK_QUEUE_ITEM workItem = new(NonPagedPool, TAG)WORK_QUEUE_ITEM;
    PKEYBOARD_INPUT_DATA Data = (PKEYBOARD_INPUT_DATA)ExAllocatePoolWithTag(NonPagedPool, sizeof(KEYBOARD_INPUT_DATA) * NumberOfKeysRead, TAG);
    if (Data && workItem && Context)
        // we have to copy the system buffer as by the time the worker will process it the IRP is likely to already be completed 
        RtlCopyMemory(Data, InputData, sizeof(KEYBOARD_INPUT_DATA) * NumberOfKeysRead);

        Context->Count = NumberOfKeysRead;
        Context->Data = Data;
        if (workItem)
            ExInitializeWorkItem(workItem, (PWORKER_THREAD_ROUTINE)FilterWorker, Context);
            ExQueueWorkItem(workItem, DelayedWorkQueue);

return status;


and the work item itself :
void FilterWorker(PDEVICE_OBJECT DeviceObject,PVOID Context) {
int NumberOfKeysRead = CompletionData->Count;

for (int i = 0; i < NumberOfKeysRead; i++)
    // record key only if it is a key press or a special key press / release
    if (InputData[i].Flags == KEY_MAKE || IsSpecialMakecode(InputData[i].MakeCode))
        Recording.Append(InputData[i].MakeCode, InputData[i].Flags);
ExFreePoolWithTag(InputData, TAG);
delete CompletionData;


Now , even if I only try to
DbgPrint("[*] Data 0x%p , Count %d\n",InputData,NumberOfKeysRead")
I get a bugcheck , any clear issue with what im doing ?
on another note, any lock that is possible to use at dispatch level ? im using a mutex but KeWaitForSingleObject is not allowed in some cases , it also triggered a bugcheck (SWITCH_FROM_DPC..)

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