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Initializing shared memory at startup

IgnoreExceptionIgnoreException Member Posts: 47
edited October 2023 in NTDEV

I am making a filter driver that needs to create a shared memory region however I noticed adding this to my DriverEntry function results in it failing. I then tried moving it to my Filter_EvtDeviceAdd function since that loads later but that also fails. However, when my VM is already running and then I start my driver it works fine which is why I think its an issue where I can't create a shared memory region / IoNotificationEvent during the startup process because its too early. Not sure if this is correct but I would like a solution so that it can always work. Here is the code that fails and I would greatly appreciate anyone who explains how this is typically handled since I wan't to ensure I use the best solution when working with things as sensitive as drivers.

        RtlInitUnicodeString(&eventUniName, L"\\BaseNamedObjects\\MyCustomEvent");
        g_hEvent = IoCreateNotificationEvent(&eventUniName, &g_hEvent);
        if (!g_hEvent) {
            DebugMessage("Failed g_hEvent \n");

        // Initialize section name and create shared section
        sectionSize.QuadPart = sizeof(INPUT_DATA);
        RtlInitUnicodeString(&sectionUniName, L"\\BaseNamedObjects\\SharedSection");
        InitializeObjectAttributes(&objAttributes, &sectionUniName, OBJ_KERNEL_HANDLE, NULL, NULL);

        if (!NT_SUCCESS(status = ZwCreateSection(&g_hSection, PAGE_READWRITE, &objAttributes, &sectionSize, PAGE_READWRITE, SEC_COMMIT, NULL))) {
            DebugMessage("Failed mouse ZwCreateSection \n");
        else if (!NT_SUCCESS(status = ZwMapViewOfSection(g_hSection, NtCurrentProcess(), &g_pSharedBuffer, 0, sizeof(INPUT_DATA), NULL, &viewSize, ViewUnmap, 0, PAGE_READWRITE))) {
            DebugMessage("Failed mouse ZwMapViewOfSection \n");
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