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Facing problem in wfp local proxy

v_kalv_kal Member Posts: 6

Hello experts,
I am writing a local proxy. I am getting responce from the server to the socket in the proxy and also I have send the response to the client socket. But it loads the website sometimes and sometime it just buffering or show can't reach the website. what am I missing in this proxy application.

In this I have redirected the traffic from WFP at FWPM_LAYER_ALE_AUTH_CONNECT_REDIRECT_V4 layer to my proxy.
In the proxy I have created a listening socket, bind it, listen on it and accept connection in a loop. And called the following function in loop.


#define CONTEXT_SIZE 2048
#define RECORDS_SIZE 4096
#define BUFFER_SIZE 20480

void proxyClientToServer(SOCKET clientSock)
    // Retrieve the redirect context
    BYTE redirectContext[CONTEXT_SIZE];
    BYTE redirectRecords[RECORDS_SIZE];
    DWORD bytesReturned;
    memset(redirectContext, 0, CONTEXT_SIZE);

WSAIoctl(clientSock, SIO_QUERY_WFP_CONNECTION_REDIRECT_CONTEXT, NULL, 0, redirectContext, CONTEXT_SIZE, &bytesReturned, NULL, NULL);

// Extract original destination IP and port from the context
SOCKADDR_IN originalDestAddr;
memcpy(&originalDestAddr.sin_port, redirectContext + sizeof(USHORT), sizeof(USHORT));
memcpy(&originalDestAddr.sin_addr, redirectContext + sizeof(ULONG), sizeof(ULONG));

// Retrieve the existing redirect records
WSAIoctl(clientSock, SIO_QUERY_WFP_CONNECTION_REDIRECT_RECORDS, NULL, 0, redirectRecords, RECORDS_SIZE, &bytesReturned, NULL, NULL);

// Create a socket for the server

// Set the redirect records on the socket
WSAIoctl(serverSock, SIO_SET_WFP_CONNECTION_REDIRECT_RECORDS, redirectRecords, sizeof(redirectRecords), NULL, 0, &bytesReturned, NULL, NULL);

// Connect to the server
SOCKADDR_IN serverAddr;
serverAddr.sin_family = AF_INET;
serverAddr.sin_addr = originalDestAddr.sin_addr; 
serverAddr.sin_port = originalDestAddr.sin_port; 

connect(serverSock, (SOCKADDR*)&serverAddr, sizeof(serverAddr));

int time = 5000;
setsockopt(clientSock, SOL_SOCKET, SO_RCVTIMEO, (char*)&time, sizeof(time)) ;

// Proxy data from client to server
char buffer[BUFFER_SIZE];
int bytesRead;
while ((bytesRead = recv(clientSock, buffer, BUFFER_SIZE, 0)) > 0)
    printf("Received request to client:\n");
    send(serverSock, buffer, bytesRead, 0);    //Send reques to the server

    // Receive the response from the server
    char buff[BUFFER_SIZE];
    int bytesReceived = recv(serverSock, buff, BUFFER_SIZE, 0);
    if (bytesReceived > 0)
        // Forward the response back to the client
        if (send(clientSock, buff, bytesReceived, 0) == SOCKET_ERROR)
            printf("Failed to send response to client: %ld\n", WSAGetLastError());


I have did all the error handlings but to reduce the code I removed it.

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