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ArsenArsen Member Posts: 155
edited May 22 in NTDEV

Why NdisAllocateCloneNetBufferList is not incrementing ChildRefCount member of source NBL and not changing ParentNetBufferList of destination NBL. It remains 0 after NdisAllocateCloneNetBufferList.
What typically must I do after cloning.
Is there any flag, that specifies MDL as shared between two NBLs (original and cloned) .

PNET_BUFFER_LIST cloneNBL = NdisAllocateCloneNetBufferList(pNBL, pFilter->NBLPoolHandle, pFilter->NBPoolHandle, NDIS_CLONE_FLAGS_USE_ORIGINAL_MDLS);
DEBUGP(DL_WARN, "pNBL->ChildRefCount = %d", pNBL->ChildRefCount);  //remains 0
DEBUGP(DL_WARN, "cloneNBL->ParentNetBufferList = %p", cloneNBL->ParentNetBufferList);  //remains NULL
NdisCopyReceiveNetBufferListInfo(cloneNBL, pNBL);
cloneNBL->SourceHandle = pFilter->FilterHandle;  // pNBL->ChildRefCount++;  cloneNBL->ParentNetBufferList = pNBL;
cloneNBL->Scratch = (PVOID)UlongToPtr(ReceiveFlags);
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  • ArsenArsen Member Posts: 155
    edited May 22

    When I uninstall my driver, its hangs up. When I close the receive and return (doing bypass), its successfully uninstalling. So the problem is in receive path. I think it is because of clone.
    freezing occurs in NdisFDeregisterFilterDriver, when I try to uninstall the driver. Some NBLs may not have been sent or received

    How can I study this problem with windbg.

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  • ArsenArsen Member Posts: 155

    Who can say

    VOID FilterReceiveNetBufferLists(NDIS_HANDLE FilterModuleContext,PNET_BUFFER_LIST NetBufferLists,NDIS_PORT_NUMBER PortNumber,ULONG NumberOfNetBufferLists,ULONG ReceiveFlags)
        PMS_FILTER          pFilter = (PMS_FILTER)FilterModuleContext;
        BOOLEAN             DispatchLevel;
        BOOLEAN             bFalse = FALSE;
        ULONG               Ref; UNREFERENCED_PARAMETER(Ref);
        do {
            DispatchLevel = NDIS_TEST_RECEIVE_AT_DISPATCH_LEVEL(ReceiveFlags);
    #if DBG
            ULONG               ReturnFlags;
            FILTER_ACQUIRE_LOCK(&pFilter->Lock, DispatchLevel);
            if (pFilter->State != FilterRunning)
                FILTER_RELEASE_LOCK(&pFilter->Lock, DispatchLevel);
                if (NDIS_TEST_RECEIVE_CAN_PEND(ReceiveFlags))
                    ReturnFlags = 0;
                    if (NDIS_TEST_RECEIVE_AT_DISPATCH_LEVEL(ReceiveFlags))
                    NdisFReturnNetBufferLists(pFilter->FilterHandle, NetBufferLists, ReturnFlags);
            FILTER_RELEASE_LOCK(&pFilter->Lock, DispatchLevel);
            ASSERT(NumberOfNetBufferLists >= 1);

    why the code is enclosed in #if DBG - #endif pair

  • Tim_RobertsTim_Roberts Member - All Emails Posts: 14,563

    When I uninstall my driver, its hangs up ... How can I study this problem with windbg.

    You attach a debugger and press Ctrl-Break to freeze the system when it hangs. Now you should be about to examine each CPU and see which one is handling shutdown.

    Tim Roberts, [email protected]
    Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

  • ArsenArsen Member Posts: 155


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