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Azure Account Setup Problem

Bill_OlsonBill_Olson Member Posts: 77

I've been working off and on for the last year trying to get this driver released. I was setting up the Azure account for the last step in releasing the driver and I made a typo when filling out the company display name and now I can't change it. I can't find where it is in the dashboard. I tried going back to that step and changing it doesn't fix it, it appears to be locked in now.

I tried signing the signablefile.bin and uploading it and it didn't accept it. I think it's because the certificate company name is different than the company name given in the signup process. Though it could be something else.

I'm signing with
signtool sign /v /debig /ac /s My /n /t "" SignableFile.bin

I do need to figure out how I can change the company name in Azure. Does anyone know how to do this?


  • Dejan_MaksimovicDejan_Maksimovic Member - All Emails Posts: 608
    via Email
    Company name definitely does not need to match the certificate CN.
    Can-t help you about the other issue :(
  • Alan_AdamsAlan_Adams Member - All Emails Posts: 39

    Perhaps review

    You haven't explicitly said you're selecting an EV certificate to sign SignableFile.bin with, but that's what we're assuming.

    However, in addition, you need to force the digest to SHA256 using the "/fd sha256" switch to signtool.exe, and you also need to use an SHA256 time stamping service using /TR instead of /T.

    Some example command lines for you in as well.

    I too do not expect for company name to require an exact match to provided certificate(s), at least based on past experience.

  • Bill_OlsonBill_Olson Member Posts: 77

    Yes, it is an EV certificate.

    I was away for a few days working on application level software. Got that release out today and came back to the driver. I had already tried /tr, but hadn't tried the /fd SHA256. I added that and the sign file uploaded. I was close, but left out one flag.

    I didn't find those links in my searching. In the page where they give you the file to sign, they give you a link to the documentation for the sign tool, but no indication of which flags you're supposed to use. Microsoft frequently provides links that aren't very helpful. It's massively annoying.

    Thank you

  • Bill_OlsonBill_Olson Member Posts: 77

    It took several tries but I finally got the account approved. We had to upload a bunch of documents proving the website was legitimate.

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