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FltGetFileNameInformation does not return full file path in PFLT_FILE_NAME_INFORMATION::Name

ankur_brcmankur_brcm Member Posts: 3
edited July 27 in NTFSD

The environment is Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). The file (test.txt) is kept in Remote Desktop Virtual Drive on RDWebClient. In our minifilter's PostCreateCallBack function, we try to retrieve the full file path with the help of FltGetFileNameInformation() and FltParseFileNameInformation(). We are observing below value in 'FileNameInformation::Name' variable:
\Device\Mup\tsclient\Remote Desktop Virtual Drive\Uploads

As per the documentation, these APIs should return full file path e.g. \Device\Mup\tsclient\Remote Desktop Virtual Drive\Uploads\test.txt
The input flag Data->Iopb->OperationFlags is 0x0. Hence SL_OPEN_TARGET_DIRECTORY is not set.

The interesting observation is that values of below nameInfo variables are as expected:
FileNameInformation::FinalComponent: test.txt
FileNameInformation::Stream: test.txt

FinalComponent should be part of FileNameInformation::Name but somehow for this directory location, it is getting trimmed.
Please let me know if somebody knows how to retrieve the full file path on Remote Desktop Virtual Drive on AVD.

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