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Obtaining a handle to my own device in KM

Dmitry_GDmitry_G Member Posts: 130

Hi guys,

I have a a minifilter-driver and in the DriverEntry() I am calling IoCreateDevice() giving it a name in a form of \Device\Blabla. After this I create a symbolic link and make the device accessible for UM. This device is later used for UM --> KM communication, mainly for sending IOCTLs.

There is one thing I am trying to achieve additionally:

What if I wanted to obtain a device handle but in the kernel mode? So i am calling ZwCreateFile or NtCreateFile using different device name formats. But this always fails. So far I have tried:


Also: ObOpenObjectByPointer() worked on the device object but the handle I got was bogus.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • 0xrepnz0xrepnz Member Posts: 102
    • What error do you get back from ZwCreateFile? \Device\Blabla should definitely work..
    • Why would you want to open your own device? If the requests are handled by the same driver you can just make a function call, no?

    Also: ObOpenObjectByPointer() worked on the device object but the handle I got was bogus.

    Note that invoking ZwCreateFile creates a file object that's linked to your device object then it creates a handle to this file object - It does not create a handle directly to your device object. Invoking ObOpenObjectByPointer does not create a file object - the output handle will be directly to your device object so you cannot use it with ZwDeviceIoControlFile because this function expects a file object.

    - Ori Damari
  • Dmitry_GDmitry_G Member Posts: 130
    edited July 2021


    I guess what I am testing and trying to do is obtaining a device handle on behalf of the calling UM process in the same way the UM process itself would do it by calling:

    constexpr static const wchar_t* DeviceName{ L"\\.\Blabla" };

    HANDLE hDriver = CreateFile(DeviceName,

    This works with no issues in UM but I cannot make it work in KM. I had some success with ObOpenObjectByPointer() on the device handle but this opens a handle to a device, not to a file. The UM handle opened by CreateFile() points to \FileSystem\Blabla so these represent different objects.

    Any suggestions?

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  • 0xrepnz0xrepnz Member Posts: 102

    Can you show the code that:

    • Invokes IoCreateDevice
    • Invokes ZwCreateFile in kernel mode

    There could be many reasons.. Maybe the device is marked with Exclusive = TRUE and there's already a user mode handle to the device?

    - Ori Damari
  • Dmitry_GDmitry_G Member Posts: 130
    edited July 2021

    Solved it by using IoCreateFile(). Hopefully this gets documented somewhere :)

    Thanks everyone who tried helping!

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