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Pre-op Post-op design

benjibenji Member Posts: 19
edited April 2021 in NTFSD


Porting a legacy filter driver to a minifilter I encounter a design problem.

The legacy filter code could have many paths after an IoCallDriver() for an IRP_MJ_WRITE. Doing stuff on the VDL, making read/write, etc .
So I can't think of having one post-op for the WRITE and many switches that handle all these paths.
In legacy filters, when not altering and IRP, using IoCallDriver, we could submit it to the next driver easily. How can I mimic this with minifilter when I have a lot of differents path in my post-op ?

Idea 1 : using FltWriteFile() inside the pre-op and deal with all these cases in the pre-op ? (but when I don't alter the WRITE data this makes me use FltLockUserBuffer() and MmGetSystemAddressForMdlSafe() and it slow the system performances (I can't use FltWriteFileEx() because I need Windows 7 support, otherwise I could have just forwarded the userBuffer and the MDL)).

Idea 2 : use FltPerformSynchronousIo(), never did, MSDN discourages this.

Another question can FsRtlCopyWrite() substitute to FltWriteFile ? In which cases ?

Thank you.


  • benjibenji Member Posts: 19


    Since I didn't get any answer I'll try something different.

    Is there any way to forward the original request as is in the pre op, and then wait for the response without using the post op mechanism ?

    Say I have a SetInformationFile coming I want to forward it to the next filter instance, and then wait for the response inside my pre-op. In legacy drivers we could wait for the response by sync with an event in the callback routine.

    The perfect solution would be to be able to choose the post op routine inside the pre op (so I can have as many post op as I want) but that's not possible...

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