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Removing bad paths from .sympath

AlbertAlbert Member - All Emails Posts: 504

How do I remove old/unusd symbol paths frm .sympath?

.sympath+ lets me add a path, but there is nothing to remove it.

This is for the new windbg though, the one with the new UI.


  • Scott_Noone_(OSR)Scott_Noone_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 3,678

    No command line option to remove entries though you can overwrite the entire path with .sympath (i.e. ".sympath c:\foo")

    You can also change the defaults with the UI in File->Settings->Debugging settings


  • cr3ptecr3pte Member Posts: 1

    I was also frustrated with the old paths getting reloaded and having to manually changing them at each run. Look for the file at this location and remove the unneeded paths.


    <Setting Name="Sympath" Type="VT_BSTR" Value="srv*c:\symbols*"></Setting>
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