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WFPSampler sample from WDK

sagi_zarsagi_zar Member - All Emails Posts: 26


In the "read me" file of the WFPSampler sample, there is an indication of an exe called WFPSamplerProxyService.Exe which "is the service which listens for connections to proxy"
Its missing in the repository.
There are indications of its existence in other places of the sample like:
"static PCWSTR g_pProxyServiceExe = L"%SystemRoot%\System32\WFPSamplerProxyService.Exe";"
I saw that several people have been looking for it.
Someone knows where it can be downloaded?



  • Jason_StephensonJason_Stephenson Member Posts: 90

    It's probably just named incorrectly in a few places. It's likely The WFPSamplerService.exe binary, build by WFPSamplerService.vcxproj.

    WFPSamplerService.vcxproj -> C:\Users\jst\source\repos\Windows-driver-samples\network\trans\WFPSampler\svc\Debug\WFPSamplerService.exe

  • sagi_zarsagi_zar Member - All Emails Posts: 26

    its not a rename issue. in the documentation there are two different projects with different content, WFPSamplerService.exe and WFPSamplerProxyService.Exe

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