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"...mismatch between the PNP/INF version and the KMD file version..."

scott_smithscott_smith Member Posts: 51
edited January 10 in NTDEV

I've been testing a UMDF IddCx video driver, and this message just started appearing (after devcon.exe install ...) along with a breakpoint in WinDbg:

(DriverEntry and EVT_WDF_DRIVER_DEVICE_ADD handlers succeed as they did prior to this error message)
<==CDriver::OnWdfDriverDeviceAdd [status: STATUS_SUCCESS]

A mismatch between the PNP/INF version and the KMD file version on the graphics adapter has been detected. The adapter will fail to start.
(WinDbg breaks here -- see stack below)

==>CAdapter::OnWdfDeviceD0Entry(hWdfDevice: <hWdfAdapterDevice>, previousState: 5)

Stack info:

[0x0]   dxgkrnl!DpiFdoValidateKmdAndPnpVersionMatch + 0x88e5c   
[0x1]   dxgkrnl!DpiFdoInitializeFdo + 0x313   
[0x2]   dxgkrnl!DpiAddDevice + 0x1942   
[0x3]   nt!PpvUtilCallAddDevice + 0x3b   
[0x4]   nt!PnpCallAddDevice + 0x94   
[0x5]   nt!PipCallDriverAddDevice + 0x827   
[0x6]   nt!PipProcessDevNodeTree + 0x333   
[0x7]   nt!PiRestartDevice + 0xba   
[0x8]   nt!PnpDeviceActionWorker + 0x46a   
[0x9]   nt!ExpWorkerThread + 0x105   
[0xa]   nt!PspSystemThreadStartup + 0x55   
[0xb]   nt!KiStartSystemThread + 0x28   

I don't understand what this means; I haven't changed anything in the INF, and this is a UMDF driver, so what "KMD file version" is it referring to? I searched for the message itself and also DpiFdoValidateKmdAndPnpVersionMatch, but came up empty.

Can anyone shed light on this?

Scott Smith
Windows Developer since 1989


  • scott_smithscott_smith Member Posts: 51
    Windows Version Info:
    Edition ....... Windows 10 Pro
    Version ....... 20H2
    Installed on .. 1/5/2021
    OS build ...... 19042.685
    Experience .... Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0

    Scott Smith
    Windows Developer since 1989

  • Tim_RobertsTim_Roberts Member - All Emails Posts: 13,762

    I know that the version number for WDDM device drivers has meaning. I remember that from the Vista days when it was introduced. You can't just invent a version number; one of the numbers in the version actually has capability bits. My guess is you are encountering a mismatch in those capability bits. However, in a few minutes of searching I was not able to find the reference, which is why I haven't replied before now. Maybe this will provide a clue.

    Tim Roberts, [email protected]
    Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

  • scott_smithscott_smith Member Posts: 51

    Thanks Tim,

    Perhaps you're referring to this(?)

    It's not clear to me yet how this relates to my IddCx UDMF driver, but I'll spend some time reading up on it.

    Twice now, this has cropped up while I've been debugging and then disappeared after some amount of rebooting (target machine) and rebuilding. There seems to be an environmental factor, but I haven't nailed it down yet.

    Scott Smith
    Windows Developer since 1989

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