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Avscan Windows Minifilter Driver Can't run with 32-bit application

thuyetthuyet Member Posts: 1

Hi everyone,
I built avscan minifilter driver

avscan/user/avscan.vcxproj : 32-bit
avscan/filter/avscan.vcxproj : 64-bit

User app can't connect to driver.
Can anyone help me how to support 32-bit application in 64-Bit Driver???

My OS: Windows 10, 64-bit

The error is "Failed to send message SendMessageToCreateSection to the minifilter" in userscan.c

hr = FilterSendMessage( Context->ConnectionPort,
                            sizeof( COMMAND_MESSAGE ),
                            sizeof( HANDLE ),
                            &bytesReturned );

    if (FAILED(hr)) {

          "[UserScanHandleStartScanMsg]: Failed to send message SendMessageToCreateSection to the minifilter.\n");
        return hr;


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