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How to display the size value

Santhosh_Kumar-3Santhosh_Kumar-3 Member Posts: 125


I am returning to WinDbg after a 10-15 year break so pardon me for the basic question. I do know the size of systemHandles.size() = 7. How can I see that in Windbg Watch Window? thanks


  • raj_rraj_r Member - All Emails Posts: 981
    edited July 3

    @pgv i think there is a mail from me that is stuck in some queue
    @santosh_kumar std::vector->size() is a function i dont think watch windows can evaluate function results
    it can only typecast a memory location
    you can do dx systemHandles.size() using the new natvis expression evaluator it will provide you the vector size

    0:000> dv  
    g1 = { size=5 } 
    0:000> ?? g1 
    class std::vector<int,std::allocator > 
    +0x000 _Mypair : std::_Compressed_pair<std::allocator,std::_Vector_val<std::_Simple_types >,1> 
    0:000> dx g1.size() <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 
    g1.size() : 5 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

    0:000> dx -r 9 g1 
    g1 : { size=5 } [Type: std::vector<int,std::allocator >] 
    [] [Type: std::vector<int,std::allocator >] 
    [capacity] : 6 
    [allocator] : allocator [Type: std::_Compressed_pair<std::allocator,std::_Vector_val<std::_Simple_types >,1>] 
    [] [Type: std::_Compressed_pair<std::allocator,std::_Vector_val<std::_Simple_types >,1>] 
    [0] : 1 [Type: int] 
    [1] : 2 [Type: int] 
    [2] : 3 [Type: int] 
    [3] : 4 [Type: int] 
    [4] : 5 [Type: int] 

    check this stack overflow post

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  • raj_rraj_r Member - All Emails Posts: 981
    edited July 8

    the other day i was mucking around with some vectors in windbg and i happened
    to unassemble the vector::size() function
    looking at the disassembly and the crt src for the same function
    i happened to realize that you can set a transparent expression in the watch window to look at the vector::size()

    here is the disassembly of size() function for a vector in question

    :000> x vect!std::vector<int,std::allocator<int> >::size
    00007ff7`57cfa6f0 vect!std::vector<int,std::allocator<int> >::size (void)
    0:000> uf 7ff757cfa6f0
    vect!std::vector<int,std::allocator<int> >::size 
     [c:\program files (x86)\microsoft visual studio\2017\community\vc\tools\msvc\14.16.27023\include\vector @ 1703]:
     1703 00007ff7`57cfa6f0 48894c2408      mov     qword ptr [rsp+8],rcx
     1703 00007ff7`57cfa6f5 4883ec38        sub     rsp,38h
     1704 00007ff7`57cfa6f9 488b4c2440      mov     rcx,qword ptr [rsp+40h]
     1704 00007ff7`57cfa6fe e8bca9feff      call    vect!ILT+16570
     1704 00007ff7`57cfa703 4889442420      mov     qword ptr [rsp+20h],rax
     1704 00007ff7`57cfa708 488b4c2440      mov     rcx,qword ptr [rsp+40h]
     1704 00007ff7`57cfa70d e85a93feff      call    vect!ILT+10855
     1704 00007ff7`57cfa712 488b00          mov     rax,qword ptr [rax]
     1704 00007ff7`57cfa715 488b4c2420      mov     rcx,qword ptr [rsp+20h]
     1704 00007ff7`57cfa71a 488b09          mov     rcx,qword ptr [rcx]
     1704 00007ff7`57cfa71d 482bc8          sub     rcx,rax
     1704 00007ff7`57cfa720 488bc1          mov     rax,rcx
     1704 00007ff7`57cfa723 48c1f802        sar     rax,2
     1705 00007ff7`57cfa727 4883c438        add     rsp,38h
     1705 00007ff7`57cfa72b c3              ret
    windbg> .open -a 7ff757cfa6f0

    and the relevent src code from crt sources

                _NODISCARD size_type size() const noexcept
                    {   // return length of sequence
                    return (static_cast<size_type>(this->_Mylast() - this->_Myfirst()));

    so basically if you set a watch expression like

    systemHandles._Mypair._Myval2._Mylast - systemHandles._Mypair._Myval2._Myfirst

    windbg will resolve the size() in the watch window (it will do the pointer arithmetic and display the actual size if you are wondering

    how address x - address y each being 8 bytes wide result in 5

    0:000> ?? g1._Mypair._Myval2._Mylast
    int * 0x0000026f`5e0197a4
    0:000> ?? g1._Mypair._Myval2._Mylast - g1._Mypair._Myval2._Myfirst
    int64 0n5
    0:000> ?? 0x0000026f`5e0197a4 - 0x0000026f`5e019790
    int64 0n20
    0:000> ?? ( 0x0000026f`5e0197a4 - 0x0000026f`5e019790 ) / sizeof(int)
    unsigned int64 5

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