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Got a really obstreperous target machine, just wont stay in the debugger

matt_sykesmatt_sykes Member - All Emails Posts: 270

Odd one this, never seen it before:
This is running on a DHCP network, the target NIC supports network debugging, the host has been used successfully many times over the years to debug targets. (The target is a client machine)

As you can see it gets stuck in OK:

Waiting to reconnect...
Connected to target on port 50000 on local IP
You can get the target MAC address by running .kdtargetmac command.
Connected to Windows 10 17134 x64 target at (Mon Feb 18 11:57:57.242 2019 (UTC + 0:00)), ptr64 TRUE
it broke (I dont know why, it hasnt debugged before so wont have an initial breakpoint set, could be a clue) so I put in a kdfile:
Break instruction exception - code 80000003 (first chance)

  • *
  • You are seeing this message because you pressed either *
  • CTRL+C (if you run console kernel debugger) or, *
  • CTRL+BREAK (if you run GUI kernel debugger), *
  • on your debugger machine's keyboard. *
  • *
  • *
  • If you did not intend to break into the debugger, press the "g" key, then *
  • press the "Enter" key now. This message might immediately reappear. If it *
  • does, press "g" and "Enter" again. *
  • *

fffff802`e4a3ecf0 cc int 3
0: kd> .kdfiles c:\drivers.txt
KD file associations loaded from 'c:\drivers.txt'
0: kd> g
KDTARGET: Refreshing KD connection

At this point it fell off the debugger. The resynch doesnt help either. Something very fish is going on...


  • Peter_Viscarola_(OSR)Peter_Viscarola_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 7,476
    edited February 18

    (completely off-topic)

    really obstreperous target machine

    +1 for the use of "obstreperous" in a sentence.
    +1 for properly putting an "ly" at the end of an adverb.

    (ETA: as an aside... I am now doubting my initial judgement that "really" is an adverb in that sentence. Rather, I'm pretty sure it's an adjective! But it still needs the "ly", which Mr. Sykes provided... so the points stand).

    Peter Viscarola

  • matt_sykesmatt_sykes Member - All Emails Posts: 270

    Turns out the BIOS had 'legacy ROM' enabled.

    It never ceases to amaze me how computers can screw themselves up....

    (A colleague used to joke, they are 'non deterministic infinite state machines', he wasnt wrong here! )

  • matt_sykesmatt_sykes Member - All Emails Posts: 270

    Oh, and Peter, an adverb describes a verb, so in 'run quickly', quickly is an adverb. 'Really' is therefore an adjective, (well, it amplifies an adjective, 'really obstreperous'.)

  • raj_rraj_r Member - All Emails Posts: 981
    via Email
    polynesia is really obstreperous said doctor dolittle
  • matt_sykesmatt_sykes Member - All Emails Posts: 270

    It is still being a bit of a PITA, occasionally failing now, not all the time, so from some of the traces in windbg I disabled the 'Windows Server Solutions Computer Restore Driver' in device manager, and it looks to be working perfectly now.

    Never heard of this 'feature' before, and no idea what it does. The associated services are not on the machine though (it is a clients PC, so could be in any state), and there isnt much documentation on this 'feature' on the net. Anyway, disabling it hasnt caused any problems.

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