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Error trying to create a windbg server.

Michael_RolleMichael_Rolle Member - All Emails Posts: 135

I enter the command
< windbg -server tcp:port=1234
Windbg gives me an error, something like
< UI StartServer failed, error 0n1341
< The server is currently disabled.
I get similar message if I start windbg, do File->Open Executable, then
< .server tcp:port=1234

I'm running Windows 10 1803.
The Services app shows "Remote Debugger" service (msvsmon110) as disabled, and I don't see anyway to enable it.
Please explain this error and how to fix it.
The command works fine on my other computer, also Windows 10 1803.

A couple of things I tried on the target machine. I looked at the Services app to see what services were disabled. I found msvsmon110 and msvsmon150, left over from when I tried unsuccessfully to set up remote debugging with Visual Studio. I deleted these two services from the registry. Then I rebooted the system. Same result.
The target machine has three services in a disabled state that are not disabled on my host machine. These are: Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), Net.tcp Port Sharing Service, and Windows Remediation Service. I'm guessing that it's one of these three. I went into the Registry and changed all three of these to Automatic (Delayed) startup. Same result. I then rebooted the machine.
A possibly related problem is that my target machine does not show up on the host machine's Network node in the File Explorer. However, I can open the target machine and see its shared folders by typing in \targetname in the Explorer. So there's something wrong with the network discovery process.
I'm going to try reinstalling Windows from scratch. Hopefully, the machine should work better and will be free of junk. Meanwhile, I'd like some ideas about what has been the problem above and how it could be remedied.

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