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HLK test for minifilter driver

Lei_ShiLei_Shi Posts: 1

I develop my first file system minifilter driver, which monitors the file operations (open/write) on certain files. I want to run HLK and HCK tests and get it certified.

My questions are:

1. Can I setup the HLK/HCK test envs with VMs? The HLK doc says "Test systems are not supported in a virtual PC or any third-party Hypervisor environment", but people say they ran HLK tests with VMs.

2. Is 'File System' the product type for my minifilter driver in the tests? and I should run all the tests with Filter.Driver.FileSystem.MiniFilter in the specifications?

3. My driver is intended to run on windows server 2016, 2012R2 and 2012, so can I get certified with those servers only? 2012 has 4 editions (standard, data center, etc) do I need to run tests with each editions?

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