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Access mapped drive remotely

OSR_Community_UserOSR_Community_User Member Posts: 110,217

I mapped some remote cloud storage to local drive Z:. I'd like to know if there
is any solution to make this mapped drive accessible to remote windows clients.
Symbolic link doesn't seem to work as something like "\\host\Z$" doesn't work.



  • Gabriel_BerceaGabriel_Bercea Member - All Emails Posts: 482
    How did you map it to the local drive ?
    There is no actual "filesystem" behind your Z drive if it is a cloud storage but more something along the lines of a shell folder.
    Take OneDrive or anything similar. There has to exist a library which backs up through callbacks each operation requested by explorer. You may notice that if you take any other 3rd party file explorer you will not find your Z: drive.
    You may also notice that in that Z drive of yours you cannot do all the operations that you do in every folder. Just right click on items in the drive or right click in the folder and notice the differences.
    To make it accessible to remote windows clients you have to write a small app that does what you did when you mapped the Z drive locally. How does the Z drive is aware of the remote storage ?



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