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[Minifilter] Serial Number in IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY

qwnqwn Member - All Emails Posts: 18
What is the serial number returned in IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY, it does not seem to be the same as the serial number for some devices.

Where is this serial number stored? and will it change once i reformat the device?



  • qwnqwn Member - All Emails Posts: 18
    So i checked on some other Usb devices as well and here is the result.

    This is what i see :

    C:\Windows\system32>wmic diskdrive get pnpdeviceid

    And these are the serial numbers returned from my minifilter :

    Serial Number found 57C03A050905
    Serial Number found 070007AA1F02CF400630

    So what is the serial number that my minifilter is returning?
  • qwnqwn Member - All Emails Posts: 18
    OK so I just tested on my external harddisk and this is what i get from my device manager

    and from my minifilter:

    it seems that the serial number in the device manager is hex representation of the serial number which i got from my minifilter

    57 58 34 31 41 37 36 35 34 56 56 56
    W X 4 1 A 7 6 5 4 V V V

    so for some devices it is represented in Hex format while others is Char format?

    I think calling a user application is the only solution at this point for me.
  • Slava_ImameevSlava_Imameev Member Posts: 480
    The request is propagated down the device stack. The first driver/filter that completes it reports some ID. This might not be a valid hardware ID in all cases.

    Also, some devices do not have a unique hardware ID. If a unique ID is requested the driver provides a software generated ID. In case of USB devices this ID has the '&' symbol.
  • Nikhil_V_SNikhil_V_S Member - All Emails Posts: 58

    can you please tell me the logic of the conversion
    57 58 34 31 41 37 36 35 34 56 56 56 <==> W X 4 1 A 7 6 5 4 V V V

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