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RE: NDIS Mux over native wifi

Pavel_APavel_A Member Posts: 2,660
It would be helpful if you tell (or remind) us the goal of this exercise.
Why mux over the top level 802.3-like connections is not good?
Are you building something like a mesh, or combine multiple
single-radios into a multi-radio?
If you say what is the goal, someone could give a "targeted" advice.

-- pa

On 15-Mar-2012 15:27, wrote:
> Another question:
> I know that in the past there was a problem to put a mux above native
wifi miniport drivers.
> Does anyone have updated info about this?
> Is it possible to put the mux above Microsoft native wifi?
> Can I put a LWF between the Native WiFi miniport driver and the
Microsoft native WiFi.
> Thanks,
> Sagi
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