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Re: [OT] NDIS : Dealing with ReceivePackets array in NdisMIndicateReceivePacket

Pavel_APavel_A Member Posts: 2,674
Interesting; I've had this bugcheck (0x40000080) few days ago on XP SP3,
while just typing something in Firefox.

!analyze in Windbg 6.12 names it BUGCODE_ID_DRIVER: <quote>
This is the NDIS Driver Bugcheck for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
For Windows Server 2003 and later, see 0x7C, BUGCODE_NDIS_DRIVER.
The meaning of the bug check parameters cannot be determined by
examining the
parameters alone. You must also examine the text of a DbgPrint message.
For details, see either the debugger documentation or the DDK documentation.

Indeed, my Realtek LAN driver was on stack.
This occurred only once, I don't remember seeing it before (malware??).

However, the parameters as documented in MSDN did not made sense.
Also, MSDN says that BUGCODE_ID_DRIVER has a value of 0x000000D2, not

-- pa

On 06-Mar-2012 12:24, wrote:
> Thanks Calvin& Alex. The reason I am dynamically allocating the array instead of putting it on the stack is that I may have to call NdisMIndicateReceivePacket multiple times from the same routine, and so the size of the array is not predetermined.
> Well, I am actually reusing the allocated array for further indicate calls. However I got a doubt if it is a correct way to do so as I got a bugcheck 0x40000080!
> Unfortunately the tester who observed this did not note down any other details and we tried hard to reproduce it but couldn?t. Surprisingly nothing is available about this bugcheck in WinDbg documentation too.
> - Suresh
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