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Does kdbgctrl -du disable debug prints from user mode?

Pavel_APavel_A Member Posts: 2,674
It looks like Sysinternals' DebugView indeed behaves strangely on Win7,
or what am I doing wrong?

I have Win7 SP1 (32-bit) and call vDbgPrintEx from usermode.
Kernel debugger is connected (Windbg 6.12).

I wanted to capture debug prints by Dbgview because it is faster, and
use kernel debugger only for breakpoints.

DbgView (4.77) runs elevated, all kernel and usermode capture enabled,
but pass-thru disabled.
I expected that debug spew from usermode will be captured by DbgView,
but it all still goes to windbg.
Kernel spew goes both to windbg and dbgview (pass-thru option does not

Then I tried kdbgctrl -du but still usermode spew goes to windbg and
ignored by DbgView.

After kdbgctrl -d nothing goes to windbg (good) but dbgview neither
sees it.

After few more manipulations with dbgview, again run kdbgctrl -eu - but
usermode prints no longer show up anywhere....

-- pa
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