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Re: [OT] First (not so) Windows Driver

Pavel_APavel_A Member Posts: 2,681
<> wrote in message news:xxxxx@ntdev...
> This is off-topic: Can someone recommend books or websites to introduce an
> experienced Windows driver developer to writing drivers for Linux?
> JA

Would be helpful to know what kind of driver you are interested in. Exactly
as with Windows.

For a rapid kick-start, "The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide" is IMHO
must read.

The1st part is a quick cohesive hands-on exercise.

To do the exercise, just take any recent RH/Fedora or Ubuntu and add the
package for building drivers,
usually named kernel-headers-[actual-kernel-version].

The 2nd part goes on from _modules_ to _drivers_. Here it gets long,
complicated and shows its age...
May be still worth reading selectively.

Next steps:
Find the documentation bits mentioned in the text. These are in the
documentation subdir of the kernel source.
These were once plain text files, now partially migrated to docbook format.
RedHat used to provide the docum as a package.

Next, get a tool for browsing the kernel source tree - at least, the subset
included in the kernel-headers-xxxxx package.
The traditional tool is cscope (GUI: kscope), or use your own.
You _really_ will need to read the header files (and later .c files). Be
prepared to a serious shock.

-- pa
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