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How to unload PnP driver?

OSR_Community_UserOSR_Community_User Member Posts: 110,217
I am porting NT4 driver to w2k where it became PnP. In NT4 I've used "net
stop/start" commands for reloading driver after change. This doesn't work in
w2k; is there any way how to reload a PnP driver there? Maybe I'm missing
something obvious...

Some details: the driver is NDIS IM (filter) driver which implies it must be
PnP one. When "net stop" command is issued, it calls in turn
ControlService(...STOP) function which checks if a driver is PnP and if so,
returns immediatelly with an error. Driver uninstallation also doesn't help;
there is a stupid bug in binding engine which causes that driver remains
loaded in memory after uninstallation (SCM removes driver registry key and
AFTER it calls NtUnloadDriver() which fails because needs these registry
information. I wonder if microsoft ever tested this code).

Well, I don't want to uninstall it, just reload. Any idea?

Best regards,

Michal Vodicka
RKK Informationssysteme s.r.o.
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