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Using kd.exe

Nathan_NesbitNathan_Nesbit Member Posts: 194
Here is a summary of a mail thread about using kd.exe rather than
windbg. Hopefully someone here will find it useful.

Why would you want to use kd.exe? Well if you find you are using only
the command window in Windbg then one might find it useful to dump all
that GUI stuff and just focus on the command window, which is exactly
what kd.exe is.

The command line options & env vars for kd.exe are the same as for
Windbg. The commands in the debugger are the game.

If you use debugger remoting then you can attach a windbg client to a kd
server and get windows for those times you need it.

Locals work great in kd. "dv" is the command to list locals. "dt
local_var_name" displays locals that are of complex types. "dt
global_var_name" displays globals.

.frame lets you switch which stack frame locals are displayed for. Kn
can be used to give you the stack frame numbers and avoid counting all
the time.

By default the console mode debuggers do not load source line
information. But this is easy enough to turn on. Check out the docs
for ".lines" and "l+" Also it can be turned on with "-lines" on the
command line.
One you turn source line loading on you can even view source code files.
Set your source path with ".srcpath" and then use the "ls" command to
view source.

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