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Questions on redirectors

OSR_Community_UserOSR_Community_User Member Posts: 110,217
I have some questions on redirectors:

- under what circumstances NT sets the
Can it be specified from umode in CreateFile?
- under what circumstances the redirector must connect to the server?
Explicit IOCTL from NP DLL - surely. But what on ordinary IRP_MJ_CREATE
- under what circumstances the redirector must disconnect from the server?
Explicit IOCTL from NP DLL - surely. But what on timeouts?
- is there any ways (like LsaCallAuthenticationPackage) to retrieve the
current user's password in cleartext from LSA to send it to the server
bothering the user to type a password?
- what is a proper way to cache credentials (I mean username/password
pairs) in the redirector? Must it be done by using LSA via
LsaCallAuthenticationPackage? Or the redirector must maintain its own
cache and use the logon session termination callback to wipe the stale
- will NET.EXE (I mean "net use" command) call the MPR and then my NP
DLL or it is tightly bound to SMB network only?
- how to specify the NP order in NT4 or w2k? I remember the explicit dialog
box for it in NT3.x - but looks like it is gone in NT4...
- in the RDBSS sample from the IFS kit, I saw that sometimes
username/password information is passed to the redirector in the EAs
specified to CreateFile. Is it a mandatory thing for redirectors or some
RDBSS proprietary thing?

Maxim Shatskih
StorageCraft Corporation
[email protected]
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