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RE: [Q] What does DRVO_LEGACY_DRIVER mean?

Paul_BunnPaul_Bunn Member Posts: 251
Damn straight. Life's already complicated enough without trying to paddle

What are the _benefits_ to using the Borland compiler ? Do you think
Microsoft care one iota that you're taking a stand against using their tools
? I think your customers are much more likely to be annoyed when _they_
discover that the C runtime for the Borland compiler doesn't work correctly
in kernel-mode....


Paul Bunn, UltraBac.Com, 425-644-6000
Microsoft MVP - WindowsNT

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From: Mark Roddy [mailto:[email protected]]
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Subject: [ntdev] RE: [Q] What does DRVO_LEGACY_DRIVER mean?

Hey whatever floats your boat :-)

As for me, I like to minimize risk and exposure wherever possible. I think
its an age-difference life perspective thing.
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