Writing DLL for Network Adapter Configuration under NT4

Hi, everyone

I am writing an INF for a Network Adapter under NT4. Because there are some
special features on this Adapter, I need to write a special dialog for user
to configure it. At present, I can invoke the DLL and dialog successfully
in the INF file, using “loadlibrary” and “ui start”.

The current problem is:
There is a “Help” pushbutton on the dialog, and I will provide a HELP file.
I defined ID number of the pushbutton as IDC_H(408) in the .RC file. Then I
add “SetHelpFile $(!STF_WINDOWSSYSPATH)”"$(OptionHelpFile) $(MinHelpId)
$(MaxHelpId)" in the INF.

But when I click the “Help” button. It don’t launch the help file.

I download AMD PCNET driver for NT4. It also provide its own DLL and its
own HELP. Through S-ICE, I can see that once the “Help” button is clicked,
winhelp.dll is loaded and the help file will be loaded too.

I think there is some code need to add in the DLL to handle the Help_Click

Is there any advice or reference sample?

How can I add those code in a traditional win32 DLL?

Any comment is appreciated.

Thanks for your attention in advance.

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