wpp and %I64


A looong time ago there were discussions about wpp trace messages not being able to parse statements containing the %I64i format speicifier, e.g.

int64 bigint;
!, “bigint is: %I64i”, bigint);

I, for some reason, recently decided to again use wpp in a user mode service, and it still is giving the error below:
error : (ParsedFormatString::init)Type ‘I64i’ not found. "CapFile Free/Total : %I64i / %I64i = %7,2f%%"Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from “WPP Trace PreProcessor”

I seem to remember that %I64 was supported , but maybe only in kernel mode?
Any hints on this one?



Never mind, I just figured:

%lld %llu %llx seem to work.

In case anyone is interested:

%7.2f is treated as %2f,

which is OK, this for tracing and not for pretty printing.

Thanks anyway.