White paper on HIDCLASS

Is there a white paper or other documentation on HIDCLASS that discusses
all the exceptions to normal driver programming that HIDCLASS introduces?
All the online documentation that I have found to date and the books I have
obtained, such as Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model by Oney
and Developing Drivers with the Windows Driver Foundation by Orwick and
Smith have given the impression that communication between a driver and
it’s device is a relatively straightforward and simple process. However, in
my efforts to first develop a UMDF vhidmini driver, based on the Microsoft
WDF documentation recommended vhidmini2 sample driver, I was informed
through osronline that communicating with the actual device was virtually
impossible due to the way the system HIDCLASS driver works and second to
develop a KMDF filter driver, based on the recommended toaster generic
filter model sample, I was informed that initiating driver created read
requests from the device was complicated due again to the way the HIDCLASS
driver works. If there isn’t a white paper on this there should be.