what is difference between devicename and linkname?

when i write a wdm driver, i confuse this two name,what on earth the name
is in Add Device() ? so in application,the device name in createfile()is
what? where can i find it in reg table? do i need to write something in
thank a lot!

In AddDevice(), you create and initialize the device object with
IoCreateDevice() and give it a name in the 3rd parameter. This is the
internal name that the OS shall use to refer to the object. In order that
the user mode programs can access the device, you link this device object
to another name, that is the symbolic link using IoCreateSymbolicLink().
Refer to second chapter of Walt Oney’s book for further details. No, you
don’t have to mention these names in the INF files.

thank you very much, a few words make me understand !