WDM Audio MIDI driver

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to write a WDM audio MIDI driver, but i’m
stuck at the point of trying to install the actual
driver via the “add/remove hardware” wizard.

While checking the ‘setupapi.log’ there is an error
occuring at the ‘driver verification’ (error
0x800b0003). I’ve used the administrator tools and set
the properties to ‘allways install drivers even though
they may not be signed’ but without any further

After this there’s a lot of thing happening in the log
and after a while, after the ‘DIF_ALLOW_INSTALL’ i get
another error, 0xe000022b (somethin about that the
system has denied the installation of the driver). I
assume this is due to the previous error.

After this i get a few errors more, but they seem to
have something to do with ‘null-driver’ installation
so i assume this is nothing that i should care about
right now…

So, anyone has any tips on what’s wrong with this?
I’ve even tried to directly use a ‘.inf’ file supplied
with the Windows 2000 DDK but without luck.

Thankful for answer…


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