VPB's deviceobject pointer & mount a virtual CD-ROM

Hi All,

I write a virtual CD-ROM supported by an image file via responsing
IOCTL_CDROM_… series in NT 4.0. But so surprise to see I cannot mount the
CD-ROM. VPB’s deviceobject pointer is always zero. IRP_MJ_READ is never
called. I notice that IOCTL_CDROM_CHECK_VERIFY has many info about media
change. But the DDK document is so confusing: VPB_MOUNTED,
STATUS_VERIFY_REQUIRED, DO_VERIFY_VOLUME, etc. I cannot make it clear.

Can anyone give me a clue? …

Thanks a lot.

Jeffrey Ren

Can u check the Return Value from ZwCreateFile. So that u can get some idea.

Satish K.S

now i need to open this pipe and write to it from the kernel mode driver ,
i am using ZwcreateFile , this is the code which i have written in the kernel

status = ZwCreateFile( &pipeHandle , GENERIC_WRITE , &objattr , &iob , 0 ,
FILE_WRITE_THROUGH , eabuffer , 0 );

this call fails.

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