Vista NDIS Filter over Dial-Up

I wonder how to configure the WDK NDIS “lightweight” filter ndislwf
sample driver to run over the connection oriented drivers on Vista,
similarly to what the passthru DDK sample has been able to do on
Windows 2k/XP for years. Note that I basically wish to observe the
NDISWAN Ethernet simulation rather than than the native WAN traffic.
The driver reports all packets for the genuine Ethernet and WiFi in my
testing, but there are neither attach callbacks nor (obviously)
send/receive callbacks for a basic analog dial-up. I’ve tried adding
“ndiswan” to the INF’s FilterMediaTypes but to no avail. Interestingly
enough, the filter is in fact listed as being used (checked) on the
dial-up connection Properties. Would appreciate any insight.

Ilya Faenson