Unidriver based bitmap driver port monitor issue

Hi All,

I’ve been working in the last few days in the bitmap sample that comes with Microsoft Winddk. What I’m trying to do is to create a language monitor plugin which will transform the bitmap raster in my own format, and that worked just fine. After the language monitor does that, I want to send the data to a TCP/IP port (windows implementation).

The problem I’m facing, however, is that for some reason the bitmap sample *only* works with the FILE port. If I change to a Local Port NUL:, for instance, it only call the COemUni2::ImageProcessing function a few times (not with all the bytes from GDI). If I use TCP and listen on a socket for the data, it will also send me only a few kB - not the complete file like it does if I use FILE. If I put FILE and save to a dummy file, I can write code to save the file on the disk and the file is complete. If I use NUL: my code to write file on disk only saves a few bytes (that’s all done inside the imageprocessing, only for debug purpose).

Wondering, why the bitmap sample works just fine with the FILE port but with other ports (local nul:, tcp, etc.) it will not complete the rendering flow between GDI and the driver?