To make the Hard Disk Sleep.


I want to develop the application in windows
which will turn off the SATA hard disk(i.e in Sleep
Mode). In linux hdparm cmd do this.

Their are 2 modes first is stadby mode where the
hard disk spindown(“hdparm -y” or “hdparm -S 1”) and
the second is sleep mode where power is cut
off(“hdparm -Y”). The sleep mode consumes less power
and take longer time to wake compare to standby mode.

I was able to make the IDE hard disk into standby
mode using ioctl call. But i dont know how to make the
IDE hard disk to sleep mode. And SATA driver was not
working with the IDE code. I guess their must be some
diff ioctl. Does some one know what is ioctl call for
this? I will be thankful to you.


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