Test signing error

I was seeing the same problem as reported in this thread: http://www.osronline.com/showthread.cfm?link=218161.

Basically the signtool was reporting the following error during the build:
SIGNTASK : SignTool error : No certificates were found that met all the given criteria.

The previous thread seems to have been closed, seemingly because the poster was using unsupported WDKs, so here’s a new thread for a possible answer:

I was using the unmodified vhidmini UMDF sample project from MSDN, and whatever settings it had by default were producing this result.

I then went in and changed the package project’s Test Signing settings to create a new test certificate, but I didn’t at first similarly set the test certificate in the 2 driver (shim and UMDF) projects and was still seeing the error message.

Once I set the test cert for the driver packages (to the same one as specified in the package project, though I’m not sure that makes a difference), everything compiled and passed signability correctly.

Not sure if this is supposed to work without all that manual fiddling. Maybe something needs to change in the sample project or documentation…